Lists should be mandatory 

I am a list lover. I will write the same list several times throughout the day, week even month. It’s not enough for me to write a list of all the bills and post it on the fridge. No … I have to obsess over my list of bills and write it three times a week. Every week.

Any one comes to me with a problem, my first thought is “we need to make a list”. My husband says I have a problem. Maybe … But for this assignment I thought I would reminisce about that time we lived in Florida. 


Things I Miss About Living In Florida 

  1. Sand – in my car, in my house, in my ears 
  2. Salty air – sticky salty hair 
  3. Sea shells in the gas station parking lot
  4. Sea gulls in my yard 
  5. Daily ten minute downpours 
  6. Purple leaves on trees
  7. Pink platypus billed birds (I have no idea what they were)
  8. Palm trees in my yard
  9. Beach days in the middle of December 
  10. Living 20 hours from my in laws 
  11. Red grapefruit tree in my backyard 
  12. Sunset swims with the pelicans 

Things I Don’t Miss About Living in Florida 

  1. Lizard poop on everything 
  2. Mosquitos the size of hummingbirds 

And there you have it. 


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