Make mine a double

A week and a half ago (eleven days) we got the diagnoses … It only took 3 years.

My step daughter is 5 now. We are getting ready for kindergarten. The past 3 years she has been diagnosed with several disorders, none really explaining the full gamut of her symptoms. But this last one has me wrapped around its little finger.

Reactive Attachment Disorder. The inability to attach themselves to others. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the only symptom? I sigh … She had been diagnosed with ODD, Bipolar, and OCD. That may give an idea of some symptoms. But there were other odd behaviors that only someone familiar with RAD would understand.

The day I received the diagnosis I came home and googled all I could for as late as I could. I have googled all I can for as late as I can every night since. I now consider myself somewhat of a specialist on the matter. I’m only joking … I know near to nothing about this disorder. And that scares me for my daughters health.

Our therapist sent us home with an eight disc DVD set of a seminar given by Nancy Thomas. I have fallen in love with that woman.

I am only beginning this journey as a RAD mom. Being given the wrong diagnoses since age two, we have made mistakes in her treatment and in our techniques. And for that I apologize to my daughter. Now however, I feel confident that with the right diagnoses and the right tools, we can only help her from here. We have a lot to learn. I know she will fight us and the new techniques. I know it will get worse before it gets better. But I know it will get better.