The reason 

I write because there is no one to listen when I speak. I write because there is no one to criticize my thoughts. I write because the crushing egg shells are too sharp against my bare feet. I write because I cannot see the look in your eyes.  *day 1 … better late than never 


An award? What? Me? But how? I actually had to look the word up. Liebster; German for kindest, sweetest, favorite, preferred above others … you get the idea. So either I was the sweetest, or the nominating blogger was the sweetest. I’m not sure. With any award (I assume) there are rules. One of the rules … More Liebster

I haven’t a clue 

Who am I fooling? I don’t have any enlightenment to share. I don’t have a happy story to spread around. I don’t have it figured out. I am lost and scared and angry and wounded.  I write about failing my daughter who struggles with issues not caused by me. I write about finding inspiration to … More I haven’t a clue 

Monday Musings

do you hear that? the shatter the clatter it’s loud too loud turn it off … my beating heart It beats like a drum abused at the hands of a child a child with no sense no soft touch no reason make it stop!! make it stop!! it will not last will not be able … More Monday Musings

Inspiration lost then found. 

I have grandiose thoughts of being some sort of inspiration to mothers. Mothers who are raising ‘high need’ children. Emotionally disturbed children. Mentally challenged children. Behaviorally inept children.  I can’t inspire while I sit in the waiting room of a residential treatment facility. The guilt running through my veins as my daughter bounces in her … More Inspiration lost then found. 

Today … 

I was excited this morning when I woke up. I had one cleaning job scheduled then I was going to pick my daughter up from respite. As I was getting ready I got a phone call … Her discharge had been canceled. She threatened to hurt herself if she came home. She said that we … More Today …